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Knowledge of the pathogenesis of disease and its diagnostic and clinical implications and its impact on appropriate therapy has been constantly evolving in recent times. Keeping abreast of the latest developments would empower medical professionals to render the best services to their patients and provide effective measures for the alleviation and cure of various diseases.

India is on the throes of an epidemic of Diabetes Mellitus with millions suffering from this disease. Disorders involving the thyroid gland and other endocrine disorders are also being seen with ever increasing frequency affecting large segments of our population. It hence becomes imperative that Pathologists be well versed with various aspects of Endocrine Pathology.

Endoscopy, not only for Gastro Intestinal disorders but also in various other parts of the body, is one of the favored modalities of our times becoming increasing popular and very widely used. It is a modality which has become very popular both with doctors as well as patients as it reduces morbidity and saves time. However, for the Pathologist the challenge lies in being able to interpret and provide accurate information and diagnosis on what are essentially small biopsies. It is also important for a Pathologist to be aware of the scope and limitations of reporting such biopsies.

The Prostate is another organ evoking lot of interest of late and being aware of the latest developments in Prostate Pathology is a much felt need. Pathology of Infections and Infestations is another area which requires a close look specially in the light of re-emerging infections.

All these areas of current interest are scheduled to be covered in the various academic programs of the IAP-ID this year and would provide an opportunity to all the members and other Pathologists to update their knowledge and enhance their skills.

I would like to encourage members to provide their inputs and suggestions with regards to various activities of the IAP-ID which you could put forth to our Divisional Secretary, Dr. Francisco Couto. I also urge all the members of the IAP-ID to attend and actively participate in all the various academic meetings of the IAP-ID.

Lt. Gen. J. R. Bhardwaj