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A very warm welcome to the website of the International Academy of Pathology - Indian Division (IAP-ID). The IAP-ID was started in the late 1960's with a few select members and from this small beginning it has grown tremendously in all aspects of its operations, especially so in the last few years. The IAP-ID is one of the most active and dynamic Divisions of the International Academy of Pathology and has attracted a large membership and evoked lot of interest from Pathologists, both from India and abroad, due to its active academic and scientific programs. more ....

IAP-ID Academic Programs 2023

The IAP-ID has the following programmes during the course of the year:

  • Mid-Year Teaching Programme (usually a Workshop) in April or May
  • IAP-ID Annual CME usually in August or September
  • Annual Conference (usually held in conjunction with IAPM Conference) having a symposium and slide seminar

Those members desirous of organizing and hosting the Mid Year Teaching Programme 2023 or Annual CME 2023 should send their proposals and its theme in the formats uploaded on the website of the International Academy of Pathology - Indian Division (IAP-ID) to the Secretary & Treasurer, Dr. Reeni Malik (address on website). For the Annual Conference 2023 (held along with IAPM Conference) those desirous of being Moderators for Slide seminar or Symposium should send their names along with the proposed titles to the Secretary and Treasurer, IAP-ID. As per the decision of the GeneralBody certain topics may be suggested as possible subjects for Slide seminar and Symposium. However, as per the decision of the Council and General Body of the IAP-ID, the person selected as moderator shall be the one who is felt to be best suited for the particular topic of Slide seminar and/or Symposium.

It is mandatory that all those who are desirous to send proposals for any of the above, should be an active IAP ID member or should renew their membership till date.

All proposals should reach the Secretary & Treasurer, IAP-ID, in prescribed formats latest by 30th October 2022, so as the same proposals could be discussed and approved in the Executive Council and General Body Meeting.

Click here to download the Format for the proposals.

The proposals should be sent to:
Secretary & Treasurer IAP-ID
Profesor and Head , Department of Pathology
Gandhi Medical College
Bhopal, M.P., 462001.