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Medical science and all its allied technologies are rapidly developing and constantly evolving in a fast changing world. Molecular Biology is one such area where tremendous strides are being made and with the mapping of the human genome and its implications for the diagnosis, treatment and, indeed, even prevention of disease we are in an era in which knowledge and expertise in this field is a real need of the hour.

It is indeed befitting then that, this year, the IAP-ID Mid Year Teaching Programme held at the Army Hospital (Research & Referral), New Delhi, was a Workshop on Molecular Biology. The role of Molecular Biology in various areas of Histopathology and Molecular Biology research as well as technology development for diagnosis, staging and follow up of diseases and all the various techniques involved were extensively discussed by the eminent faculty. Techniques like FISH, PCR, Flow Cytometery, etc, were demonstrated in a very sophisticated and state of the art laboratory. This, without doubt, must have proved of tremendous benefit to all the delegates who attended the Workshop. To those who had never been exposed earlier to these modalities it was a great opportunity to acquaint themselves with these procedures. To others, who are already doing some or all of these techniques, it was an avenue to enhance their skills and an opportunity to get expert solutions for the difficulties and problems they must have faced in the past.

Later this year we have more academic feasts awaiting us in the form of the IAP-ID Annual CME focusing on Tumour and tumour like lesions of the Bone in August and the Annual Meeting in November. These academic meetings would undoubtedly evoke tremendous interest as well as be of great practical utility.

I urge you all to attend these meetings in large numbers and look forwards to meeting you there.

Lt. Gen. J. R. Bhardwaj